Site update coming soon

Secret Friend

Secret Friend will be launching a new website this summer, and you’ll get to know more about this guy over here on the left. With the new site we will also have some announcements about Secret Friend’s upcoming album, some new music videos, and you’ll be able to download some new tracks too.

West End Girls

Secret Friend recently recorded a cover version of the Pet Shop Boys song “West End Girls”. You’ll find it on the upcoming compilation album “Here Comes The Reign Again: The Second British Invasion” alongside some other amazing artists including Mike Viola, Linus of Hollywood, Bleu, Rachael Yamagata, Freedy Johnston, The Wellingtons, Ken Stringfellow, to name just a few – plus a lot more artists still to be announced. Head on over to our Facebook page and you’ll find a preview of the track.

Happy Holidays from Secret Friend

Thanks to all my dear friends, secret and otherwise, for your support and appreciation of the Time Machine album throughout the year. It means a lot! It’s been a busy year, and next year is looking like it will be even busier. A new album’s worth of material has been written and once the demos are done I’ll make plans to record them ASAP. Don’t expect Time Machine 2 though, I feel it’s necessary to approach the production and performance quite differently this time, however the overall song styles and subjects won’t be all that different. Hopefully everyone will be pleasantly surprised. But for now, I’ve got a bunch of announcements to make:


Huge discount on the Time Machine CD

One of the biggest changes for Secret Friend is I’ve left Sydney Australia and moved (back) to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand – an incredibly beautiful and relatively peaceful part of the world. One of the many benefits of the move is my shipping costs have decreased significantly. So without trying to sound cheesy, I’m passing the savings on to you! The Time Machine CD is now over 20% cheaper – only $11 when purchased direct from this website. And the price includes free worldwide shipping. Buy yourself or a friend a copy today!


New Bonus Track: “1984″

So in some alternate reality Rupert Murdoch met Anna Nicole Smith, and this is their story. Or maybe not, you decide. Anyhow, it’s got a killer vocal performance by Willie Wisely, plus the usual Secret Friend band. It’s probably my favorite of all the bonus tracks. I hope you like it too. It’s now available here as a free download for everyone, along with some other free bonus tracks.


Give someone a copy of the Time Machine album for FREE

As a special holiday offer, the MP3 download edition of the Time Machine album is now available as a free gift. What does that mean? You can send a copy to a family member, to your parole officer, to your ex-wife’s new husband, to that flight attendant who gave you extra peanuts – in fact the world is probably full of people who need to hear Time Machine, right? So share some holiday love and send a copy to literally everyone you know. And I literally mean literally. It won’t cost you a cent. Here’s how:

  1. Follow this special link to our shop: (sorry, offer has expired)
  2. Click on “I want this!”
  3. In the box where it says “Your email address” there is a little grey gift icon – click it (don’t forget this part!!), fill in the form, then click “Get”. All done.
  4. Wash, rinse, and repeat steps 1~3 as many times as you like.

This offer is only valid until the end of December, because, as we all know, it’s only appropriate to be nice to people and give them gifts during this very brief window of time each year, so don’t dilly dally. Also, bear in mind this offer is for a free gift for your friends (and well, ok, your enemies too), but not yourself. You already bought your own copy, right? No? Well, perhaps if you put the word out someone might send you a free copy too…


Happy holidays everyone !!!